Sewer pipe footings (2005)

Concrete footings are the only remaining feature of the sewer pipe that once ran along Tweedsmuir Camp's eastern border.

Each footing measures 460 mm in diameter and has at its centre a 180 mm hole. The footings would have supported vertical steel columns to which the sewer pipe was strapped.

A straight row of footings, each pitched at 3.7 meters centre to centre, is clearly evident on the ground. Whilst coloured dots in the second photograph identify three footings in the foreground, the yellow arrow points to a white marker positioned over the last footing.

The red line delineates the western edge of the canal we describe in the Site Before WWII section of this website.

To the eastern side of the last footing (identified by a coloured dot
in the last photograph on this page) lies the sewage disposal system. In this picture the primary septic tank is labelled by a yellow arrow and the secondary septic tank by a red arrow.