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The links listed below will take you to sites that will add to your understanding of the inclusions in this website. The Canadian Army Newsreels may be of particular interest as some of them relate closely to the contents of this website.

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The Links

Lord Tweedsmuir

Lord Tweedsmuir of Elsfield was 15th Governor General of Canada (1935 - 1940). This official Canadian website carries his biography as well as accounts of previous Canadian Governor Generals, dating back to 1867.

Avalon Project at Yale University

This Yale University website carries World War II Documents which make a fascinating read. The many items include the Proclamation by Adolf Hitler dated 1 September 1939, Germany's Invasion of Poland, Comunique from Germany to Britain dated 3 September 1939, the Atlantic Charter and German Surrender Papers.

Canadian Army Newsreels (This is a must see link)

There are many interesting items included in this collection of 106 newsreels, including footage from Tweedsmuir Camp. Click the above link to find out more.

Chronology of WWII

Events of World War Two in chronological order. Note that the invasion of Poland by the USSR on 17 September 1939 is not included in the chronology because it is considered to have been an unwelcome incursion rather than an act of war.

General Langfitt Group Stories

Polish refugees A fascinating and thorough piece of work that chronicles stories of mainly women and children from Poland who settled in Australia in 1950. The accounts have been sensitively collated by Maryon Allbrook and Helen Cattalini, and are published on the world wide web by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australian Government.

John Buchan Society

A website for anyone interested in the Scottish writer John Buchan. This resource carries information for researchers and for people who want to find out more about the man who later became known as Lord Tweedsmuir of Elsfield.

Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum.

Formed immediately after World War Two by the Polish community in exile, the institute and museum hold many important documents and artefacts pertaining to Polish history. Researchers should note that most of the documents are in Polish.

The passing of President Lech Kaczynski

'Lech' is an abbreviation for Leszek, which translates into English as Leslie. This link will take you to a BBC web page which provides news of the air accident on 10 April 2010 that killed the President of the Third Polish Republic. The web page carries four other informative video reports.

Rural Life Centre, Surrey

Founded in 1973, the Rural Life Centre in Surrey is an open air museum. As well as artefacts depicting rural life the museum has a Second World War collection that will be expanded over the next three years into a permanent exhibition about the local area's military history and will include artefacts related to Tweedsmuir Camp.

Surrey History Centre

The Surrey History Centre has a wide range of interesting archives relating to Surrey's past. The supervised reading room is staffed by experts who are willing to help search for materials.

The Lorne Scots Regiment Association

Read about the history and other associated accounts of the regiment that was responsible for adminstrating Tweedsmuir Camp during World War Two.

Thursley Camp, 5 July 1939

Murder at Moorlands Hotel, Hindhead: this Open University page carries a very interesting account about the Murder of Mable Bundy at the Moorlands Hotel. Suspects included soldiers stationed at Thursley Camp (later Tweedsmuir Camp) who were identified by witnesses at a parade of the 2 Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment. Click the image to the right to discover the history of Moorlands Hotel.

Help For Heroes

We support the Help for Heroes charity, which is a life-long support network for our heroes and their loved ones. The charity was launched in October 2007, rasing over £1m a month since its launch. Please give your support as and when you can.