Comments made by visitors after the opening

The comments here were made by visitors to the exhibition. Please note that the facility of sending further comments is now closed.

Hello Zen and Wies,

May I add my congratulations to you for the exhibition. Must have taken a lot of time to complete! A very fine job indeed.

Adeline J.


Just a brief note to say how much my sisters and I enjoyed your exhibition. The Rural Centre is quite a large area, which surprised us.

Looking at your news page I noticed that you are launching the book associated with the exhibition. As I live in Godalming, I will come to the launch although it could be a little after 8.30 as I am be working late that afternoon. I have the video, so buying the book will complete the set.

Eva Loneria


Congratulations on your fine exhibition. Although the day of our visit was damp and cold, it was worth while. We plan to attend the Polish day in May with the rest of our family. Maybe we shall see each other then.

Many thanks,

Józef and Pauline

Hi there,

Well done on the display. A magical thing to see as both of my grandparents were in the Polish army during WWII. Shame is that I know little about their history. Perhaps we can catch up with each other one day?

Andy Lubek


I was in the area of the Rural Life Centre a couple of weeks ago with 2 of my friends. They were keen to show me your exhibition, which I must say was a joy to see. I was very taken by the quality of the exhibition.

Thank you for the experience.



I thought I would miss the opportunity of seeing your splendid exhibition because of the Rural Life Centre's winter closure. However, made it in time towards the end of October.

Super. Well done,

Marek Sochota


I have recently visited the Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition and am writing to congratulate you on the effort you have made to create it.

Well done.

John Wells


I live in Thrapston, a few mile north west of Huntingdon. I visited an old school friend for a few days who lives near Woking in Surrey.

She, her husband and I went to see your exhibition. I was so impressed that I thought you should, at least, get an email from me. Congratulations on the excellent work.


Elizabeth Sleska