Inscriptions (2002)

The inscriptions shown in the photographs below are probably the most exciting of our finds in Tweedsmuir Camp.

In the middle of the first photograph is the abbreviation "13 FLD COY" (13 Field Company), and underneath that is written "AD 1941". In the bottom left hand corner of the picture is the name "Bill McQueen".

Below McQueen's name is the title "INSTRUCTOR" (see second photograph). Since both the name and title are surrounded by a border, it is safe to assume that both had been completed by the same man.

Under Sapper Baker's name in the third photograph is the etching "14 FLD COY RCE" (14 Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers).

C Foster also recorded his name in the wet concrete in 1941 (see fourth photograph).

Another member of the Company had written in the wet concrete "14 FLD COY" and under that "July 16 1941" (fifth photograph).

July 16 of that year happened to be a Wednesday. And the weather was hot, balmy and humid.