Image Galleries

Participants who have agreed to help collate the history of Tweedsmuir Camp have contributed their time in many different ways. Some have donated artefacts, including photographs, toys, documents, and framed pictures which hung on barracks' walls at Tweedsmuir Camp. Others have written a few lines about their memories of life there and about what happened to them in adulthood. All of these contributions will add to the understanding of the social history of Tweedsmuir Camp in Surrey, England, during its phase as a Polish refugee camp between the years of 1948 and 1959.

On this page are examples of rarely publicised photographs participants have contributed.

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  • Image Gallery 1 (1941 - 1947)
    Tweedsmuir Camp during WWII. Courtesy of Sgt. (Retired) Bernard Keegan.
  • Image Gallery 2 (1947 - 1960)
    Journey to, and living at, Tweedsmuir Camp. Courtesy of project participants.
  • Image Gallery 3 (1947 - 1960)
    Christmas ('Wigilia'); Corpus Christi; Socialising. Courtesy of project participants.
  • Image Gallery 4 (Post - 1960)
    Community in Elstead and Godalming after 1960. Courtesy of Dymitr Czertko family.
  • Image Gallery 5 (1942 - 1945)
    Diddington Camp during WWII. Courtesy of Pam and Dave Dodman/NARA.
  • Image Gallery 6 (1960 - 2009)
    Site of Diddington Camp after demolition between 1967-1968. © Zen Rogalski.
  • Image Gallery 7 (1960 - 2010)
    Small Polish Memorial at Diddington cite. Courtesy of Richard Andrew.
  • Image Gallery 8 (2008 - 2009)
    Lorne Scots return. Courtesy of Cpl. Cunningham P/Sgt. and N Ratcliffe.