Four stories from you

Below are four stories form readers.

This part of the website expands the legacy beyond Tweedsmuir Camp to include the larger international community.

A Story from ...

Ed Burczy (Received: 10 May 2010)
Ed was 3 in 1940. Today, at the age of 73, he has taken the time to convey his account of the night he and his family were forced to leave their homestead in eastern Poland. It is a refreshing story told by man who has obviously retained his warm childhood memories.

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Tomasz Cywacki (Received: 27 May 2010)
In his story, Tomasz, who prefers to be called 'Tom', recalls his father's experiences during the Second World War. Tom's feelings towards his father are laid bare in this affectionate, what Tom calls, 'epitaph'.

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Jozef Goj (Received: 18 September 2010)
Jozef was born in Diddington. Later his family moved to Newfound, which is a small village just outside Basingstoke in Hampshire, UK where they lived for about 21 years until his mother and father divorced and separated. In August 1979, Jozef decided to emigrate to Australia and soon after his mother joined him. Jozef's father remained in England where he died and his ashes were taken to Poland to be buried with his mother.

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Andrew Maciej (Received: 17 June 2011)
Andrew emigrated from the United Kingdom to Argentina with his parents in 1949. Six years later his parents applied for permission to start a new life in America. After a further six years of waiting they were on their way to San Pedro, California.

Andrew returned to the UK in September 1965 where he completed his education and got married. He now runs a very successful business in Worcestershire.

Andrew's brother, Luis Martin, was born in Argentina.

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