FILE 3: Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition at the RLC

Welcome to the second edition of the lottery funded Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition on the world-wide-web.

The Exhibition was officially opened by the Polish Consul to London on 26 August 2012. Hundreds of people gathered at the Rural Life Centre to take part. They came from many parts of the United Kingdom, including Scotland, as well as from Australia, Poland and the United States of America.

The occasion was as much about celebrating the achievements of the Polish people of Tweedsmuir as it was about opening the exhibition. The Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition is but the start of a larger programme of work that is planned as a tribute to both the Canadian soldiers and Polish people of Tweedsmuir Camp (or 'Tweedsmuirians' as we sometimes call them). The exhibition has received much acclaim in its own right and has been archived by the National Archives at Kew, held at the Surrey History Centre, Woking, Surrey.

You may have heard about the exhibition in BBC radio and television broadcasts. Now experience it by visiting the Rural Life Centre, Tilford in Surrey. Many hundreds already have!

In 2015 The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service was presented to all the volunteers at the Rural LIfe Centre, including those who were instrumental in establishing the Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition

The Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition is the first permanent display that outlines the history of a group of Polish people who, immediately after WWII, were disinclined to return to Poland because of a post-war communist regime. The exhibition is about a group of Polish individuals who, as part of a larger cohort, decided instead to settle in the county of Surrey, Great Britain.


The Rural Life Centre will accept donations for the up-keep of the Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition. You can donate at the museum bookshop, where staff will be glad to help, or by other suitable means.


You may also like to contribute to the exhibition by providing artefacts to expand the collection. The Surrey History Centre (SHC) is prepared to archive documents you may like to contribute. If you feel unable to let go of the originals, archivists at the SHC will accept copies of your documents. If you are interested, please contact us through the Rural Life Centre.