Bunker and small septic tank

Overspill 1

In the background of the first photograph is a brick bunker half of which is below ground level. In the foreground are the remains of a small septic tank, which was once dedicated to the removal of grease from washing-up water disposed of by chefs in the Officers' Mess.

The second photograph is of the same bunker viewed from the field.

The rebate around the top of the masonry of the small septic tank and the four rectangular returns in the third photograph, measuring 100 mm x 50 mm (4" x 2"), suggest that this foundation once held in place a timber framed structure.

The fourth photograph shows a similar septic tank, which in this case is in close proximity to what once was the camp NAAFI. From this picture it is clear that the returns in the sides of the septic tank shown earlier once held in place galvanised corrugated sheet steel baffles nailed to long sections of softwood. Time, and a large collection of debris, has pulled the baffles out of shape in the example shown here.

The final image on this page is a drawing that illustrates how these small septic tanks would have removed a large percentage of grease and other waste material from the water disposed of via the kitchen sinks.

The drawing is not made to scale.