Water tower (2003)

From close up, the water tower in Tweedsmuir Camp is an awesome structure. It is made from reinforced concrete that was poured between softwood shutters and supported by 8 columns. Such towers are included in water systems because they reduce the drain on mains water particularly at peak times. When less water is consumed than a system pumps, surplus water flows into the tower through an intake pipe. When more water is consumed than a system pumps, water starts to flow from the tower through an outlet pipe. A valve controls how much water flows into the tower to prevent it from overflowing. One reason for including a water tower in Tweedsmuir's water supply, therefore, may have been to overcome a concern the 'Wey Valley Water Company' had in the supply of water to the camp; an issue that was discussed between Mr Teale of the Wey Valley Water Company and Major Kerry RCE (see 'Construction of Tweedsmuir Camp').