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Welcome to the third edition of Tweedsmuir Military Camp, which is an acclaimed historical and cultural website dedicated to both the Canadian soldiers billeted there during World War Two and to the Polish refugee families and dependants of which we were one from 1948 to 1957. The families and dependents were related to Polish soldiers who had fought during the war under British operational command and who, for the most part, feared repatriation because of communism in Poland.

Whereas the second edition of this website has been archived at the British Library, the third edition includes four files as displayed below. Next to each file is an introductory list of items you may care to view. Find out more by navigating your way through the information included in this website.

The Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition website, which you may have visited on a previous occasion, has ceased to exist. Its original contents has been scaled down and incorporated into this website. See File 3.

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File 1: History of Tweedsmuir Camp \1

How it all began with the Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment), Canada:

  • The site before WWII
  • Background History
  • Aerial Photograph of Tweedsmuir Camp
  • Construction of Tweedsmuir Camp
  • Arrival of Lorne Scots Regiment
  • A Veteran's diary and photographs

File 2: History of Tweedsmuir Camp \2

Polish Resettlement Corps (PRC), families and dependents, and many new pictures:

  • Tweedsmuir as a PRC camp
  • Process of Civilianisation
  • From army to families and dependents
  • Finding work, domestic and Cultural life
  • Living in Tweedsmuir Camp
  • Closure of Tweedsmuir Camp

File 3: Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition

Heritage Lottery funded Tweedsmuir Camp Exhibition. Includes video clips:

  • Background to project history
  • Portion of NKVD Pass out of Russia 1942
  • Image galleries (many new images)
  • Project book and DVD (In Their Own Words)
  • Order form for project book and DVD
  • Make contact through the Rural Life Centre

File 4: Tweedsmuir Camp Legacy

Recognition of the importance of the project as a historical and social archive:

  • National Lottery Good Causes project
  • Surrey History Centre archive the project
  • In association with The National Archives
  • Website archived by the British Library
  • Find out more: use the external links
  • Get involved: facebook, tweet, e-mail

See film clips of Tweedsmuir Camp in WWII. Use File 4 → External Links of Interest → Canadian Army Newsreels.